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Sunday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 6:45 PM


Our primary goal for adult education at Hardin Valley is that each one of us become more like Jesus. God’s Word was so much a part of Jesus’ life that the apostle John recognized Jesus as the Word of God. If we are to be like Jesus, God’s Word needs to be infused in our lives as well. Personal time reading, reflecting on, and putting into practice God’s word is a crucial part of becoming like Jesus. Therefore, whether it is in large information-rich forums or in smaller discussion groups, the adult education ministry at Hardin Valley is focused on God’s word and its transforming power in our lives.

Summer 2024 Quarter Classes 

Sunday Morning: May 5, 2024 – July 28, 2024

Title: My Story, Your Glory 
Teacher:  Jonathan Palk (111-113A)

Title: Found in Translation
Teacher: Derek Dunbar (115A)

Title: God Hear Their Cry (Young Professionals Class)
Teacher: Todd Chambers & Ben Buchanan (137E)

Title: Hebrews
Teacher: Graham Fox & Bill Brosey (138R – Green Room)

Title: Questions of Salvation 
Teacher: Tom Rucker & Dan Reeves (140R)

Wednesday Night 6:45 PM

Title: Amos
Teacher: Mitchel Routh (112-113A)

Title: American Sign Language
Teacher: Fred and Monica Orr
Introduction Class (111A)
Intermediate Class (115R)

Title: Summer Series with Invited Speakers
Teacher: Various Teachers (138R – Green Room)